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Cake decorating tutorials and recipes for you to try at home.
  1. Buttercream essentials tutorial

    Buttercream essentials tutorial

    This Buttercream essentials tutorial is designed to show you the secret tips and tricks we use to decorate our buttercream-finish cakes. Step-by-step, we’ll take you through both our semi-naked and perfectly smooth buttercream designs, including how to achieve those sought-after straight sides and razor-sharp edges. Our method focuses on mastering fundamental techniques that you can then apply to your cake designs. Learning these essential decorating skills will assist you in creating beautiful and professional looking cakes at home for any occasion.

    Our Buttercream essentials tutorial reveals all you need to know about torting, filling, and icing a perfectly smooth buttercream cake with sharp buttercream edges. All relevant Cake Ink. recipes are included in this Buttercream essentials tutorial, including our delectable Caramel mud cake and Caramel sauce, and silky-smooth Swiss meringue buttercream. You will also find our Swiss meringue buttercream flavour variation recipes. White chocolate, raspberry, lemon curd, coffee, and more!

    Cake Ink.’s buttercream method also means that you won’t have to hide any visible cake boards with ribbon to neaten the appearance of the cake. We’ll show you exactly how to achieve a perfectly smooth cake with straight sides and sharp edges without resorting to the disk method and using extra cake boards and ribbon. Our techniques, tips and tricks we teach here will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to perfectly ice your buttercream cakes.

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  2. Cake Ink - The recipes

    Cake Ink - The recipes

    We hear “It’s too nice to cut!” all too often. We’ve experienced this first-hand with friends and family who wince at the sight of cutting into our own celebration cakes. We’re firm believers that cake is made to be eaten. It should taste as good on the inside as it looks on the outside!

    The recipes we’ve included in this downloadable e-book are our signature classic flavours which we bake from scratch every week in our cake studio. They’ve been developed through years of trial and error and many are family recipes passed on through generations. They don’t have to be turned in to a decorated masterpiece – simply bake and top with icing to enjoy every day.

    For those serious about decorating, you will find our ‘cake anatomy’ illustration useful in showing how we construct both our buttercream and fondant-draped tiers. The cake and filling flavour combinations are endless but we’ve included some suggested pairings to get you started. See details below.

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  3. Preparing Fresh Flowers for Cakes Tutorial

    Preparing Fresh Flowers for Cakes Tutorial

    Fresh blooms on a beautifully-iced cake is a classic. Deciding on a floral arrangement, however, involves more than just aesthetics – the flowers must be safe for cake decorating.

    Whether or not you can use fresh flowers on a cake has been a long-standing debate. In short, it is safe to use fresh flowers to decorate cakes so long as you follow some simple guidelines.

    Our tutorial is designed to teach you the basics you need to know to clean and appropriately prepare your selected fresh flowers and foliage in order to decorate your cake. Included is a list of supplies and tools for your tool kit, step by step floral-arranging instruction and aesthetic guidance using selected flower and foliage stems as examples, and our very handy tips and tricks to help you to safely decorate your cake with beautiful fresh blooms!

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