COVID-19 Update – At Cake Ink, our priority is to ensure our customers and staff remain safe. We operate from a private studio that is closed to the general public. Strict cleaning and sanitation programs are in place (as a matter of course) and we are following government guidelines closely every day. For now, our online shop is open and we have plenty of options available even for the smallest of celebrations. Please get in touch to discuss our contactless pick-up and delivery options, available throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

We’ve also listed a series of online tutorials in our shop so you can experience the magic of Cake Ink from the comfort of your own home.


Cake decorating tutorials and recipes for you to try at home.
  1. Preparing Fresh Flowers for Cakes Tutorial

    Preparing Fresh Flowers for Cakes Tutorial

    Fresh blooms on a beautifully-iced cake is a classic. Deciding on a floral arrangement, however, involves more than just aesthetics – the flowers must be safe for cake decorating.

    Whether or not you can use fresh flowers on a cake has been a long-standing debate. In short, it is safe to use fresh flowers to decorate cakes so long as you follow some simple guidelines.

    Our tutorial is designed to teach you the basics you need to know to clean and appropriately prepare your selected fresh flowers and foliage in order to decorate your cake. Included is a list of supplies and tools for your tool kit, step by step floral-arranging instruction and aesthetic guidance using selected flower and foliage stems as examples, and our very handy tips and tricks to help you to safely decorate your cake with beautiful fresh blooms!

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